Verium Wallet Bootstrap Feature Not Working

Discussion in 'Verium Support' started by Vishera, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    I started up a computer tonight and tried to get it caught up to the current block. I'm 25,000 blocks behind. I thought downloading the bootstrap and restarting your wallet catches you up to about the current block. Nope, every time I try... back at block 25,000 or so...

    I guess I'll have to wait for it to catch up by itself.
  2. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    I tried to let it sync itself. It stopped downloading around at around 1918 block and wouldn't go down anymore from that. Tried restarting the wallet and now I'm back at block 15000. This is a joke right?
  3. Vishera

    Vishera @Vishera310 Forum Staff

    Problem eventually fixed itself, but I think it's worth looking into about the bootstrap.

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